Safe Housing and Support Services for Women and Children suffering Domestic Abuse

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Newark Women’s Aid (NWA) was founded in 1975 by a local Women’s Group, who recognized the need for the provision of refuge for victims of domestic abuse in this area.

Newark Women’s Aid provides safe accommodation, with associated support services, for women with or without children, who are living with or have experienced any form of physical, sexual, emotional, psychological or economic abuse.

NWA is constituted as a registered charity which is administered by a group of five Trustees from various professional backgrounds, who meet regularly to formulate general policy and practice.

The Refuge is housed in a large building which was converted by Nottingham Community Housing Association in 1981 to accommodate six families. Communal areas include, sitting room dining/kitchen, laundry, children’s playroom, equipped play yard, and a conservatory at the rear.

The Refuge has a comprehensive security system and complies with all the necessary statutory requirements.

The day to day running of the Refuge is organised by a full-time Manager, two part-time Refuge Support Workers, a part-time Outreach Worker, a part-time Administration/Finance Assistant and a part-time Children and Young People’s Refuge and Outreach Support Worker.

Newark Women’s Aid is currently funded by The Supporting People Partnership in Nottinghamshire, Contracting & Grant Aid Unit Notts. County Council, and Nottinghamshire Children’s Fund.



Newark Women’s Aid aims to provide emergency access, short term residential accommodation and associated support services for women with or without children fleeing domestic abuse. We aim to ensure that fair access is given to minority and ‘hard to reach’ groups.


NWA accept referrals from any agency and self referrals. We will complete a referral form with you or your referring agency and you will need to provide us with some information about your current and former situation.


The support you receive will be based on an individual assessment of your needs and with your full involvement. All residents are expected to participate in a support plan. This ensures that staff meet your needs and are consistent in the support they give.

Staff are available to offer you emotional support, information, advocacy and assistance with, for example claiming welfare benefits, legal options, healthcare, education, housing and move-on. They are also here for you to talk about your experiences good and bad and about any problems you might be having.

They will listen and support you in a totally confidential and non-judgemental way.


To provide temporary safe accommodation, with associated support services, information and advocacy for women, children and young people who have experienced any form of physical, sexual, emotional, physiological or economic abuse. We aim to enable women whose lives have been affected by domestic abuse to determine their own future.

To provide Resettlement Support and advocacy to women, children and young people when they leave the refuge.

To provide Outreach Support, information and advocacy to women living in the Newark and Sherwood area for whom refuge is not appropriate.

To provide Outreach Support and advocacy to children and young people who live in the Newark and Sherwood area, who have experienced or are living with domestic abuse.

To provide information to Agencies and individuals to raise awareness and contribute to a better understanding of the needs of women, children and young people who have experienced domestic abuse.